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Never too early or late to begin

Thankful my parents worked hard to let me learn piano as a child...

I was fortunate growing up in Hong Kong to begin learning piano at a young age.

I recall passing the small piano studios on the way back from school, and look longingly from outside and try to listen to the faint sounds of keys being pressed. After some time, my mom noticed and decided to make the financial sacrifices needed so I could start to get lessons, which continued on for years and eventually led to me beginning a teaching practice of my own.

When I moved to Melbourne some years back and setup up my own studio in South Yarra to teach, I expected most of my students to be also younger in age, with parents looking to instil the love of music in their children. And whilst a lot of my students are children under the age of 10, a surprisingly large number turned out to be adults, even grandmas up to the ages of 60 and beyond.

For many of these older students, it has turned out to be a fantastic learning experience for me, and a chance to feel my love of music renewed, seeing them take their first steps on a journey that for many of them has been a life long dream. Hearing the stories of playing a favourite piece to a loved one, or performing a duet with a child or grandchild really touches me.

So, thank you to all who believe it's never too late to follow your heart, and achieve your dreams.

I look forward to meeting more of you soon xoxo



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