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A move to Malvern

A new year and a new home for Piano Lessons by Grace...

One of the many musical performances held in the nearby gardens

After 6 years of wonderful teaching out of South Yarra, I'm delighted to make the move to a larger studio, just down the road in the nearby suburb of Malvern.

Personally, I draw inspiration from the new location, being close to the beautiful Malvern Gardens (pictured above) and also with a lovely garden view from where I teach.

Music is an art form that finds a voice in nature. It's a boundless inspiration to be close to the vibrant atmosphere of parks and the innocent joy of children at play. The rustling leaves, and singing birds provide inspiration to both student and teacher!

I'm thankful for the support of my students and parents who have transitioned to the new location. Honestly, it was a wonderful feeling to have the vast majority of my South Yarra students continue on in Malvern.

Here's to a new year, a new start in a new location ❤


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