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Was inspired to follow up on my last post on South Yarra library events helping babies and toddlers learn through rhythm and music (ongoing Preschool Storytime and Saturday Storytime @ South Yarra/Toorak Library for kids aged between 3 to 6 years)

As we know, stories not only foster children's creativity and imagination, but also help to develop their reading, listening and even comprehension skills.

There’s no doubt that children who frequently read can build more vocabulary, but also brain stimulation can be gained by learning music.

For instance, a recent study of the Brain and Creativity Institute from University of Southern California shows that children who participate in music related activities, for example by playing piano, can stimulate brain development, especially in the aspects of reading skills and language acquisition.

Also, there is a lot of research showing that playing an instrument can enhance a fine motor skill which involves brain and muscle movement. Learning piano definitely requires children to use their hand-eye coordination.

So it's great to know that these storytelling events introduce the element of music and songs to reinforce early child development. Also, children can be more interactive with their peers and the audience.

Grace Newstead is a qualified piano teacher based in South Yarra, tutoring in English, Cantonese or Mandarin. To get in touch please click here

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