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Recently, I passed by the South Yarra Library in Toorak Road with my husband and saw many happy babies and mums after the Babytime Rhymes session.

We were thrilled that Stonnington libraries are promoting music and sounds for early child development. Besides using picture books, it is well recognised that rhymes and songs are a great way to help children develop their language and communication skills.

For example, rhymes have patterns and sequences, and children actually need to apply counting and rudimentary maths skills without being aware of it. Also, rhymes and songs can stimulate children's imagination and creativity. It is a part of a 'cognitive approach' to learning and early child development.

I'm grateful to live in a community that encourages our kids to learn and socialise through music.

Grace Newstead is a qualified piano teacher based in South Yarra, tutoring in English, Cantonese or Mandarin. To get in touch please click here

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